Do It Yourself Termite Control – Termite Awareness Week

In this blog segment, we dive into the world of Do It Yourself termite control. Handling your own termite work, especially when it comes to applying chemicals for termites, may not be for everybody. But when it comes to  protecting your home’s structural and financial integrity. These handy do it yourself practices could be the difference between you spendingContinue reading

Why Millennials Prefer Colonial-Era Pest Control Methods

An independent research study by the ELPH Research Centre in Washington, D.C. has found that millennials almost unanimously, don’t believe in modern pest control services. The study, funded by a coalition of larger pest control companies to determine their long-term viability and problem marketing areas, found that adults under the age of 35 have beenContinue reading

A Warm Winter Means More Spring Pests

A warm winter in many parts of the country has caused a great alarm for an increase pests this upcoming spring. Less snowfall and short freezes periods from Florida to Minnesota, along with other areas of the country that have been known to have unpredictable climates, have recorded near record highs throughout the entirety of winter.Continue reading

Save your home from termites

Termites may not be as disgusting to come across as a cockroach running across your foot. Or seeing a mouse run and hide when you open your pantry. But when it comes to the destruction of the foundation and integrity of your home, there is no doubt that termites take home the trophy (no punContinue reading