Can I use a bed bug spray to treat an infestation?

Close up picture of a bed bug

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to control without the use of a professional exterminator. Bed bugs have been around since before World War II and are still to this day commonly found in homes and hotels throughout the world. In fact, bed bugs were successfully exterminated for many years. But with the increase of international travel and bans of certain pest control chemicals, they are more of a problem than they ever were before. After they reemerged, almost all professional pest exterminators were unable to get rid of these blood sucking pests. But with scientific advances, there are several methods today that are not only safe for your home, but effective as well.

Most homeowners will try and save money by attempting to exterminate bed bugs on their own. Store bought bed bug sprays are all but ineffective when it comes to exterminating these pests. Keep reading to find out why store bought products don’t work, but also why you should contact a professional when it comes to eliminating these annoying pests.

Bed Bug Sprays Don’t Work

You can find countless bed bug sprays in stores, when in fact all that they are there for is for the companies who manufacture these products to make a quick buck. The sprays that they produce are ineffective in treating and preventing bed bug infestations. All that they really do is give bed bugs more time to reproduce and continue to release the mayhem they cause in your home.


Even when traveling, you are not safe from coming across these annoying pests. Hotels, Airbnbs, even airplanes have become common places for bed bugs to hide and travel with you. Whether you are going to your travel destination or your home. They can travel in luggage or on other people’s person and will reproduce wherever the traveler decides to stop. If you just so happen to stay in a room after that traveler, they will more than likely be coming home with you too.


Bed bugs can hide in the clothing of friends or family and make their way right into your home during your next gathering. They will jump right off and hide in your furniture, just waiting for you to fall asleep. The next thing you know, you will have a full out infestation on your hands.

The Solution: Hire a Professional

Once your home is infested, there is no way to get rid of them other than with the help of a professional exterminator. Unless of course, you enjoy wasting your money and having red bite spots all over you and your family’s body. The real trick eliminating bed bugs is through the use of heat. Professionals will bring in commercial grade heaters into the affected area and raise the temperature well over 100 degrees fahrenheit. The extreme temperatures are too much for the bed bugs and will make them disappear after just one single treatment. Bed bug sprays will only make the pests go into hiding for a brief time, and that is the only effect that they will have. Be aware that if a professional bed bug exterminator claims that using sprays will eliminate the pests. Be sure to look elsewhere. Their services are not only a waste of your time, but also a waste of your money. They will only allow the bed bugs to reproduce and feed on the blood of you and your family.

Bed bug infestations are not to be taken lightly and if you suspect that you have one, contact a professional exterminator immediately! Most pest control companies will perform a free inspection and give you treatment recommendations in the same day. Contact a professional company today for more information and get your home back!