What Are the Health Risks From A Pest Infestation?

No one enjoys opening their shower curtain in the morning to see a roach just hanging out by the drain getting some water. Or moving a box in your basement and having silverfish squirm every which way. Finding unwanted pests throughout your home is never a good experience to say the least. But unknowing homeowners don’t realize that these seemingly “harmless” pests can pose a serious health threat to you and your family. Read below for an informative list of what health risks these creepy, crawly critters may possibly introduce into your home:

-Allergies: Just as domesticated house pets can cause allergies to you and your loved ones; pests can do the exact same thing. For instance, cockroaches and rodents have been known to carry bacteria that can not only cause, but also further enhance any existing conditions of asthma.

Picture of a family cooking in a clean kitch

-Food contamination: Rodents and cockroaches will go straight for any food items that you leave out and about. In their wake, they can leave behind such bacteria like salmonella, which can easily be spread to humans when you eat or even touch the affected products. Many pests like flour beetles and Indian meal moths can and will develop into full blown infestations inside of grain products particularly. Such items as cereal, flour and corn meal are just a few of the items that these annoying pests will try and get into. The formerly mentioned don’t typically spread diseases, but they can and will spoil your food.

-Disease spreading: Quite clearly,  is the most serious of health risks that are introduced by pests. There is an endless list of bacteria and diseases that certain pests can spread to humans. But there are very few diseases that require major medical attention. Mosquitoes annoy American homeowners from coast to coast, year after year, especially during the rainy months. They have been known to carry such diseases as Zika and West Nile Virus. There are also a variety of ticks throughout the continental United States as well. They have been known to transmit such diseases as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, Colorado Tick Fever and Lyme Disease, which left untreated can cause paralysis. Rodents have also been known to carry a disease called Leptospirosis, which can be transmitted to you and your family. Though cases of this disease are very few and far between, it is still important to know about this disease. Because if you do so happen to contract it, it can be extremely difficult to treat and become quite troublesome.

Because having pests share your home isn’t enough to worry about, the dangers that these annoying critters bring along with them should be more than enough reason to contact a professional pest exterminator. The best prevention is awareness and swift action. Contact a pest control expert today before it’s too late and you have a full blown pest infestation on your hands.