What Are the Health Risks From A Pest Infestation?

No one enjoys opening their shower curtain in the morning to see a roach just hanging out by the drain getting some water. Or moving a box in your basement and having silverfish squirm every which way. Finding unwanted pests throughout your home is never a good experience to say the least. But unknowing homeownersContinue reading

Why Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Isn’t Always the Best Option

Sometimes getting rid of pests on your own is a successful task. But a lot of the time DIY pest control just gives the infestation time to multiply at a prolific rate. You may think that you don’t need an intervention from a professional exterminator, but don’t let your infestation get out of hand byContinue reading

Common Pests You Can Find In Almost Any Home

Year after year, month after month, pests are plaguing United States homeowners. Even if your home is newly constructed, you’re still not safe. Older homes are also threatened by pests as well. After years and years of exposure to the elements, they can be a proverbial field day to common household pests. Whether you haveContinue reading

Battling Bugs in the Winter

The frigid months of winter bring a lot of unwanted pests into your home. Just like humans, pests are always looking for ways to stay warm as the temperatures drop.  The reason you see more insects is mainly because they don’t have body fat, which provides substantial warmth. Therefore, insects can easily freeze to deathContinue reading

20 Safe and Effective Tips to Eliminate Roaches From Your Home

Cockroaches are an annoying and embarrassing pest any time of the year. The easiest way to eliminate them of course, is to contact a professional exterminator. However, the chemicals used can be potentially be hazardous and unsafe to your home and family. Luckily, there are several ways to remove cockroaches without the use of pesticides or chemicals. 1. Bay Leaves BayContinue reading