A Warm Winter Means More Spring Pests

A warm winter in many parts of the country has caused a great alarm for an increase pests this upcoming spring. Less snowfall and short freezes periods from Florida to Minnesota, along with other areas of the country that have been known to have unpredictable climates, have recorded near record highs throughout the entirety of winter.Continue reading

Take the “Sting” Out of Spring and Summer

European hornets building their nest If you’re like me, the fear of buzzing, stinging insects is greater than any other pest on the planet. Ok well, maybe being in a locked room with a rabid raccoon may be a little more terrifying. But the pain inflicted by stinging insects is enough to make the hairContinue reading

Easy To Make Natural Insect Repellants

Nowadays using the word pesticide has a lot of negative feelings surrounding it. When in fact not all pesticides are created equally. Naturally, being exposed to any chemical over a long period of time is not recommended, a lot of pesticides are actually quite useful! As the weather starts to warm and more Americans beginContinue reading