20 Safe and Effective Tips to Eliminate Roaches From Your Home

Cockroaches are an annoying and embarrassing pest any time of the year. The easiest way to eliminate them of course, is to contact a professional exterminator. However, the chemicals used can be potentially be hazardous and unsafe to your home and family.

Luckily, there are several ways to remove cockroaches without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

1. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are known appall roaches through scent.  Weigh around an ounce of bay leaves in a small cup, crush and place in a discreet area that won’t be disturbed.

2. Ammonia Solution

A home made ammonia solutions repels cockroaches due to its extremely sharp smell. Spray the solution near affected areas, and clean kitchen and other household areas with the solution. Roaches will soon leave your home. Be sure to occasionally clean your home to keep them away.

3. Moth Balls

Similar to the previous two solutions, cockroaches do not like the smell of moth balls. The potent sent drives roaches away as fast as they can come. However, contrary to popular belief. Moth balls do not kill roaches, only repel them. Put moth balls in a sealed container and poke small holes in it. Make sure to place the moth balls in a well ventilated area. The gas released from the moth balls can be harmful to both your family and pets respiratory system.

4. Mint Oil

Roaches hate the smell of strong essential oils. The best way to apply this treatment is to mix 1 cup of water and about 10-15 drops to a spray bottle. Spray the mixture underneath cabinets, in your cupboard or any other place roaches may be likely to hang out.

5. Listerine

Mix equal parts listerine, water along with two drops of dish washing soap. Make sure to use a stream to spray areas where you think cockroaches may be entering your home. Misting will not be effective when applying this treatment.

6. Cedar

Cedar is another natural deterrent for roaches. Cedar comes in many different shapes and sizes. You can buy cedar balls, chips, and blocks and place in certain areas of the home to help deter not only cockroaches, but many other bugs as well. This is why older constructed furniture was lined with cedar.

7. Petroleum Jelly Trap

Grease a container with petroleum jelly. Add some food scarps that will attract roaches. Cockroaches will come to eat them but will not be able to exit the container. Cockroaches will try their best to escape and move back towards their home.  But they will be stuck in the petroleum container. If they do escape, there will be a trail of the petroleum jelly leading to their hiding place. Simply treat the discovered area accordingly, and cockroaches will disappear in no time.

8. Bleach

Simply fill a disposable spray bottle with bleach and spray roaches as you see them. Unfortunately, this method will only kill the pests that you can see. But in a pinch, this will eliminate cockroaches in their tracks.

9. Lemon

Scientifically speaking, pests, especially cockroaches have proven to be highly sensitive to smell. Squirting small amounts of lemon juice into cracks and along windowsills won’t draw insects into your home, but will actually keep them away.

10. Boric Acid and Cornstarch or Sugar

Borax mixed with a little bit of sugar can be a lethal combination to roaches. Roaches mainly consume sugar for their survival, so naturally they will be attracted to the sugar/borax combination. Borax will do extensive damage to cockroaches nervous systems leaving them paralyzed and eventually dead.

11. Soap Solution

Make a light solution of soap (bath soap is fine) and water that is thin enough to spray through a spray bottle. You can splash it, spray it or just throw it on the roach. Just 2 or 3 drops of a soapy water solution can kill a roach. Ensure that it makes contact with the roach’s head and lower abdomen

12. Pepper, Garlic and Onion Solution

Herbs, like bay leaves and catnip, you can also use peppers, garlic and onions a natural repellent to get rid of roaches. It is not clear if it is the smell of the vegetables or due to some other chemical inside of them. It still really is not clear what repels the roaches, however peppers, onions and garlic do work.

13. Cucumbers

Like the previously mentioned vegetables, the smell of a cucumber acts as a natural deterrent to cockroaches. Simply slice a cucumber and place the slices in or around your home where you think cockroaches might be hiding.

14. Coffee Trap

Roaches will eat almost anything to survive. Coffee grounds are no exception. The strong aroma is a natural attractant to the roaches. To set the trap, just fill a mason jar  ½ way with water. Dampen a few scoops of coffee grounds and place them into a paper cup. Then drop the coffee filled cup into the water filled jar. Just like that, you have a roach trap! Simply place your jar or jars in areas such as sinks, cabinets, baseboards, etc.

15. Seal Cracks and Holes

Sealing your home is a great way to eliminate pests from entering your home. Make sure that exterior and interior cracks are sealed with a impenetrable substance. Caulk, silicon or vinyl are all extremely useful in sealing your home and keeping pests outside. Right where they belong.

16. Fix any Water Leaks

Cockroaches love water and it is an essential ingredient for their survival. Pests, especially roaches, find drinking water in dripping faucets, leaky pipes, and gaps around pipes.  Fix leaky faucets by replacing worn washers, spacers, or pvc pipe in or around sinks and in bathroom areas. Also make sure to ventilate moist areas around your home as well to encourage evaporation.

17. Keep your space as cool as possible

This method really only applies during the warmer months of the year. The more warmer it is outside, the more energy cockroaches have. This allows them to use more of their muscles, and allows them to fly. “shudder” Keeping your place cool might not eliminate cockroaches. But it will at least keep them grounded.


Cockroaches are repelled by the plant catnip. This is because of a chemical called nepetalactone that is found in the plant. The smell attracts cats, but repels insects significantly.

19. Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

The first place to start is your kitchen. Make sure that food is immediately put away and the area used to for food preparation is cleaned with some sort of disinfectant or cleaning spray. Sweep up any visible crumbs as well. Cockroaches tend to hide around around food and water sources. So your best bet to avoid them is to be proactive and eliminate the sources. Plus, it’s just feels better having a clean home.

20. Call a  Professional Exterminator

Sometimes it may be already be too late for an of the above actions to be taken. If that ends up being the case. It is always best to call professional pest control experts to help solve any cases of a pest infestation in your home.