Easy To Make Natural Insect Repellants

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Nowadays using the word pesticide has a lot of negative feelings surrounding it. When in fact not all pesticides are created equally. Naturally, being exposed to any chemical over a long period of time is not recommended, a lot of pesticides are actually quite useful! As the weather starts to warm and more Americans begin to spend more time outdoors. Meaning both the application and sales of insect repellants goes on the rise. Along with that rise comes questions of just how safe some of these store bought insect repellants really are.

Right at the top of those questions is a repellent called DEET, which has a notorious reputation for being harmful and unsafe for humans and animals alike. Certainly the rumors are worth listening to, because ultimately the safety of your family, friends or pets comes first. However, there is no conclusive research that links or has any direct correlation with adverse health reactions when the product is used correctly. There are many other natural alternatives to ward off bugs if you are against using chemicals. These alternatives are 100% organic and safe for you and your family and friends.

Vinegar: Spraying a light coating of vinegar on countertops, patio furniture, floors, baseboards, etc.. is a fantastic natural way to keep ants and other creepy intruders outside of your home.

Peppermint Oil: You would think that the delightful smell of peppermint would attract anything in sight, but that is incorrect! Bugs hit the road when they smell the intensity of mint.

Rosemary: Rosemary along with basil can grow rapidly and in abundance in even the smallest of gardens or pots. Much like peppermint, the strong, aromatic smell drives pests away from wherever it is growing. Plus you’ll have plenty of the plant to cook with too!

Witch Hazel: Perhaps the oldest and most trusted insect repellent, Witch Hazel is a remedy for all kinds of things. But it works so well for repelling insects, that a lot of store bought repellents will actually include Witch Hazel in their sprays as well.

Citronella: Hands down the most popular and natural mosquito repellant on the market. It comes in both candle and oil form. It works in great effect to ward off not only mosquitoes, but other stinging and biting insects as well.

When it comes down to it, almost any essential oil can be used to repel insects if used correctly. Bugs are primarily attracted to two things: blood and food, not plants. The smell of the plants is used to cover up the smell of what insects are looking for, you. When making a natural spray in your home, the best method is to add a few drops of whatever essential oil of your choosing to a spray bottle of distilled water. For even better results, add a few pinches of epsom salt as well. Also keep in mind, just like bug spray that is store bought. You must keep reapplying for the ultimate protection. The main difference is that store bought remedies need to be applied every couple of hours. Homemade repellents should be allied about every half hour.

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Of course as always, if you notice that you have a consistent bug problem it is best to contact a professional exterminator. They can help you alleviate your problem quickly, safely and effectively. Contact a provider today to get your questions answered!