Why Millennials Prefer Colonial-Era Pest Control Methods

An independent research study by the ELPH Research Centre in Washington, D.C. has found that millennials almost unanimously, don’t believe in modern pest control services. The study, funded by a coalition of larger pest control companies to determine their long-term viability and problem marketing areas, found that adults under the age of 35 have beenContinue reading

5 Important Tips on Selecting a Pest Control Company

Picking a reputable pest control company can be an intimidating, scary, and daunting task. There are a few helpful tips that will not only make your search easier, but with a little good judgment and some solid research. There will be no doubt that you will be partnered with the right company. A company thatContinue reading

Battling Bugs in the Winter

The frigid months of winter bring a lot of unwanted pests into your home. Just like humans, pests are always looking for ways to stay warm as the temperatures drop.  The reason you see more insects is mainly because they don’t have body fat, which provides substantial warmth. Therefore, insects can easily freeze to deathContinue reading