5 Important Tips on Selecting a Pest Control Company

Picking a reputable pest control company can be an intimidating, scary, and daunting task. There are a few helpful tips that will not only make your search easier, but with a little good judgment and some solid research. There will be no doubt that you will be partnered with the right company. A company that not only eliminates your pest problems, but takes proactive measures for reducing future pest problems. Read below for five helpful tips to consider while picking a pest control company in your area.

1. Do Your Homework

Chances are that if you have discovered a pest infestation, you have had it for quite some time. Although your gut reaction will more than likely be to get rid of the problem immediately, it is important to take your time. Finding a reputable company can be easy, but also expensive. We at pestcontrolbundle recommend obtaining several quotes from a variety of different companies. Most of the time the quotes are free and will give you plenty of time to make the most appropriate, informed decision for your home or property.

2. Look for Quality and Value

When searching for a pest control company, cost should not be the only factor that determines the company that you pick. The competence of the company should also be just as important as the cost. Improperly handled pesticides and insecticides can be not only harmful to you and your families health. But it can also cause damage to your property as well. Don’t rely on the salesperson to tell you if the company is reputable or not. Do the research yourself. Ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues, anyone who may have had a similar situation to you and find out what their experience was like. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call local regulatory or consumer advocate offices either. Make sure that the companies you are spending your hard earned money on, have your best interest at heart.

3. Does the company answer your questions about the treatment and chemicals being used in or around your home?

Selecting the right pest control service is just as important as selecting any other professional service. Look for the same pedigree of results and competence as you would in a lawyer, doctor or accountant. Any company who does an inspection of your property should be able to provide you with the following information once they give you your estimate:

  • What pests are being exterminated and why
  • How bad the infestation is
  • What ingredients in the pesticide chosen by the company
  • Are there any health effects from the pesticide being chosen
  • How the pesticide will be applied
  • Are there any non-chemical alternatives to use
  • Any special instructions that need to be followed to reduce any sort of exposure to the chemical being used (Vacating your home, keeping windows open, etc..)

4. Is the company involved with a professional pest control association?

Whether it is on the national, state, or local level, professional associations keep their members informed of the newest, safest and up to date developments in pest control methods, safety, training, research, and regulations. Just as a doctor or lawyer would, members of these associations agree to honor a code of ethics and standards. The fact that a company, small or large, has chosen to belong to one of these professional associations. Speaks volumes about its concern for the highest quality measures and standards of pest control.

5. Is the company’s work guaranteed?

Pest control is not something to be taken lightly. Plain and simple, you should be wary of a company that does not guarantee their work. Especially if the infestation is inside of your home. Be sure to find out exactly what the companies guarantee entails and what you as customer need to do in order to make sure that terms and services of their guarantee is upheld. An example of this would be if your home had been treated for termites. The company may void their warranty if you decide to make structural changes to your home without notifying the pest control company that you are planning on doing so.

Hiring a company to take care of your pest problem does not mean your job is over. It is your responsibility to be an informed consumer. Evaluate your results after the pest control company has completed their work.If something has gone wrong or something is not completed to your satisfaction, contact the company or a local/state/national organization. Keep asking questions and make sure that your pests are exactly where they are supposed to be. Under control.